Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Once you have identified your site or preferred location, the initial step is to define your project brief.

This entails identifying your project goals, intended audience, necessary spaces, and budget. For a comprehensive project guide, please refer to our Project Process section.

Absolutely! Nuun Designs is a modular building system designed to democratize design.

Standard units are only a starting point and offer endless customization options. From fenestration configurations to finishes and roof options, every plan layout can be tailored to meet your needs. 

They also offer pre-planned options for each component type, including a variety of design layouts for bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

Certainly! We offer both pre-planned options and fully customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the various options available, including associated pricing. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Yes, Nuun’s design team will study the best option for the layout of your unit on a sloping terrain, considering your site’s unique features including sun orientation, prevailing wind and views. 

Yes, Nuun Designs has several predefined finishing palettes to assist you with your selection. Refer to FINISHES AND SPECIFICATIONS.

All openings in the building envelope, including windows and doors, feature locks. Optional shutters enable a lock-and-go scenario, with sliding “walls” securing the exterior.

For added security, we offer optional extras such as alarm systems with exterior beams, internal motion sensors, and video security. Please refer to our list of optional extras for more information.


The availability of bulk services on your site will determine whether Nuun units can be grid-tied or self-sustainable, potentially impacting installation time.

The units offer the flexibility to choose between connection to municipal water, electricity and sanitation, self-sufficiency across all services, or a combination of both.

Depending on the site topography, accessibility and soil-bearing capacity, Nuun’s team will design for one of the following foundation options: Helical ground screws / Screw piles, Planted gum pole piles;Concrete surface bed. Stabilised compacted in-situ material.

We offer a supervisory or full installation service during the implementation phase. Our experienced installation teams must remain involved to ensure product warranties and guarantees are validated.

Yes, Nuun units can be used as both permanent and semi-temporary structures.

Yes, one of the main focuses whilst developing the Nuun  building system was to ensure that the system is future-proof.

The unit designs are not only modular, but the fixation methodology is constant allowing for the interchanging and additions of modules and frames.

Maintenance for Nuun units should be lower than traditional building technologies due to the factory manufacturing process reducing latent defects.

However, external materials such as natural timber cladding, sheeting, and aluminium windows still require maintenance.

Nuun Designs offer engineered material options with even lower maintenance requirements. Please refer to Our Promise section for more details on warranties and guarantees.

Yes, the units are air and watertight thus moisture related maintenance is avoided.

Nuun units are better insulated than traditional/conventional construction methods.

The combination of different types of insulation to improve thermal performance and avoid thermal bridges in the building envelope, which ultimately lead to superior interior comfort and acoustics.

The correct orientation of the glass elements is crucial to managing thermal performance and comfort inside buildings.

Nuun’s design team will assist and advise you on the optimal orientation and placement of the unit on your selected site.

Features can also be added to all designs to mitigate radiation such as external solar control and integrated Venetian blinds in the case of the double-glazed window and door units.

NUUN units surpass SANS 10400 XA and SANS 204 building codes’ insulation values. Minimum R-Values (m²K/W) are Floors: 1.5, Walls: 2.2, Roofs: 3.7. Additional insulation options available for international clients or greater thermal comfort. 

Nuun’s design team includes a fire specialist who will ensure that compliance is met for your specific project application.


In South Africa, all habitable units require municipal approval, regardless of whether they are for temporary or permanent use.

Storage units under 10m2 require a minor works consent application. Nuun’s design team will guide you through the relevant requirements, including potential by-laws and zoning parameters that may impact your project during our initial consultation.

Yes, each unit is compliant with South African Building Codes, SANS 10400 and SANS 204 regulations, considering optimal building orientation and site placement.

Each site however is unique and will have other factors that may impact the optimal placement for energy efficiency when considering the site inherent features such as views, prevailing wind, etc.


There are two time frames: planning and implementation. Planning includes design, engineering, and local government approvals, which may take 3-8 weeks depending on our involvement and additional services.

Implementation involves order confirmation, with delivery within 4-12 weeks depending on module quantity and type. Installation on site typically takes 2-8 days depending on various factors. Nuun Designs will guide you through the process once we receive your expression of interest.

The factory manufacturing process can run concurrently with site preparation and approval processes.

The average lead time is 100 days from the time of purchase, but unit intended use and function vary greatly which may affect the delivery.


Nuun Designs offer first-quality national and imported brands, with predefined finish sets in three price brackets: Standard, High-end, and Premium, for ease of pricing.

Unit pricing starts at the Standard range. Please refer to the FINISHES and SPECIFICATIONS page for more details.

  1. All NUUN units come with built-in / integrated kitchen appliances including stoves, ovens and cooker hoods.
  2. Other freestanding / loose home appliances and electronic equipment such as: fridges, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and TV’s, sound systems, etc. are treated as optional extras and can be selected from the three price ranges, namely: Standard, High-end and Premium.
  1. All built-in furniture are included in the NUUN unit price.
  2. Free-standing furniture such as tables, chairs, couches, etc. have been carefully selected to compliment the NUUN unit designs and are treated as optional extras within three price ranges, namely: Standard, High-end and Premium.


Unit costs range from R10,500 to R20,000 (excl. VAT) for container conversions, and R17,000 to R35,500 (excl. VAT) for building systems units.

Cost factors include finishes, module types, unit size, roof configuration, etc. Pre-configured units provide cost information, while bespoke designs require a confirmed design brief and concept design, with upfront design fees possibly applicable.

Conventional building can range from R11,000 to R22,000 per square metre. Whilst there might still seem a vast difference between Nuun Designs costs and conventional construction, Nuun Units include the professional services of architects and engineers’, furniture, fittings and equipment, superior finishes and a fixed project value and timeframe. Additionally, NUUN units can be relocated in the future, providing a resale value similar to a used car.

Units are sold complete and include standard joinery, sanitaryware, water heating systems, electrical lights, sockets, and appliances. Higher spec finishes, sustainability systems.

Professional architectural and structural engineering services, along with fire and energy efficiency rational designs required by relevant SANS standards, are included in the purchase of a Nuun unit.

Other features are available and affect cost.

The price does not include VAT or other taxes or fees that may be applicable by your local authority or municipality.

Yes, since the units meet and exceed the building regulations in terms of fire safety, structural integrity and energy performance, all units should be fully insurable. Nuun Designs’ technical team will gladly assist you in confirming all technical information with your insurance underwriters.

The cost of delivery and installation depends on your location, site access, and type of service required. This will be discussed during the site assessment and finalization of unit design.


Nuun units are currently available for the African markets only.

However, Nuun Design’s pipeline includes exporting to various international markets in the future.

Compliance with shipping regulations and local building codes may require changes to be made to the units.

Local architectural/construction professionals are required for installation, foundation, and licensing/building permit processes.

NUUN units arrive fully finished and furnished, typically transported by truck in an optimal fashion to minimise transportation costs.

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