Modular Building Process

Prefabricated Building Process

Prefabricated Building Process

Designing or selecting a dream space can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. With so many options to consider and countless companies promising the same thing, it’s easy to feel stressed out. But don’t worry, Nuun Designs’got your back.

Our professional team will guide you through every step of the process, from either selecting a predesigned unit or starting a bespoke design all the way through to final handover. Nuun Designs follows a clear and straightforward step-by-step process, reducing risks and providing relevant information along the way. Our logical and sequential approach ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

Our service starts at the very beginning by assisting you with defining your project brief, determination of a realistic preliminary budget for your project and even in some cases assisting in making an informed decision on the selection of land.

Nuun Designs has several standard design available to choose from and which could be used as the basis to make bespoke changes from.

As the system evolves even more, we aim to place the power of bespoke design firmly in the hands of our client by providing a comprehensive library of standard Nuun Designs building blocks (modules and frames); which our clients would be able to manage as a shopping cart to optimise budget, design and site features.


1+ Week/s

On us…
We assist with your initial questions in determining whether NUUN is a viable option for your project.

The next step is to review your site with its unique features and challenges – During this stage we will provide you with professional architectural and engineering input to guide you through the design / unit selection process and to optimise your sites features such as views, building/s placement, sun and wind orientation, access, etc.

A topographical survey will be required identifying the existing services and other structures (if any). This service is excluded from our standard services but could be provided upon request.

A geo-technical report would be required to inform the foundation design and will be a requirement for the building permit application.

Zoning (confirmation whether you will be able to build the type of building you intend), Town Planning and other development parameters (building heights, building setback/ lines, permissible floor area and coverage), must also be confirmed at this stage to ensure the suitability of the NUUN system for your scenario.

The budget is adjusted at this stage to include transport to the site and to accommodate the potential challenges associated with the placement of the building/s, by whichever method is deemed most suitable.

2+ Weeks
Depending the complexity of your project which may be influenced by site, logistics, whether the design is bespoke or standard, zoning, etc.

Professional Service Agreement Deposit
Payment Claim #1: 50% of overall allowance for professional services and documentation.

With each step the project design and budget is refined as more factors are becoming known. At this stage the project as a whole is tested against the original design brief and any tweaking required is done prior to final approval by you as the client.

The final package, inclusive of the complete project cost and finishes, must be approved prior to submitting the building plans and other required documentation to your local authority for scrutiny and approval.

The following services as required by the relevant parts of SANS 10400, SANS 10400XA and SANS 204, and are included in the purchase of a NUUN product:

▪  Professional Architectural services
▪  Professional Structural Engineer services
▪  Rational designs for Energy Efficiency

Please note: Depending on your site and local by-laws, other approvals may be required such as a Site Development Plan (SDP) submission, Home Owners Association (HOA) approvals, Development Design Review Committees (DDRC), etc. are excluded from our standard services provision but could be quoted on separately.

Whilst we are confident about NUUNʼs compliance with all national building regulations, it is strongly suggested that the manufacturing stage only be started once all approvals are in place.

2+ Weeks
Depending on the requirements of your local authority and other review committees.

Professional Service Agreement Full Payment
Payment Claim #2: Remainder 50% payment for professional services and documentation prior to submission of permit applications.

It is strongly suggested that the manufacturing process only commence once all statutory and client approvals have been obtained;

The manufacturing process takes 4-12 weeks depending on the size and number of modules to be produced;

The start of the manufacturing process will be closely coordinated with the delivery date to ensure the unit is shipped on time and synchronised with the required completion date on site;

During this stage the client will receive weekly updates on the progress;

A final quality assurance certificate will be issued for the factory assembled NUUN unit/s with all its completed modules prior to dismantling and preparing it for transport to site.

4-12 Weeks

Depending on the number of NUUN modules and the various types.

Purchase Contract Signing and Deposit
Payment Claim #3: 65% of purchase value paid as deposit at signing of Purchase Contract less previously paid amounts.

The transportation and placement of NUUN units will be handled by NUUNʼs logistical partners;

The timing will be closely monitored throughout the various preceding stages;

Typically the installation on site is a three to four days process depending on the site topography, accessibility, etc. The following are the typical processes:

DAY 1-3:

▪  Preparation, setting out and installation of foundations;

▪  Confirming that municipal services (installed by others) are in the correct positions;

▪  Ensuring that the access to site is prepared for the delivery vehicle/s;

DAY 3-8:

▪  Placement of NUUN unit/s and all attached modules;

▪  Connection to services;

▪  Other sustainable and off-grid services may affect the total duration on site however these can typically overlap with the factory manufacturing process and whilst it should not affect the end delivery date, will require a longer on-site presence.

Once the installation is complete, all close-out documentation will be handed over in order for you to apply for an Occupancy Certificate from the municipality. Documentation typically included:

All originally submitted (Form 2) and close-out forms (Form 4) as required by SANS regulations. Disciplines included:

▪  Architectural

▪  Structural and Civil

▪  Mechanical (if applicable)

▪  Energy Efficiency

▪  Electrical Certificate of Compliance

▪  Plumbing Certificate of Compliance

▪  Glazing Certificate

All product warranties and guarantees are handed over at this stage together with copies of the the signed factory order commencement form, finishes schedules and all quality assurance check sheets.

3-8 Days
Installation of unit/s

Purchase Contract Interim Claim
Payment Claim #4: 95% of overall Purchase Contract value less previously paid amounts.

Welcome to your new home!

The maintenance for the first two (2) years of your NUUN unitʼs life is on us and included in the sales price (excluding travel related costs).

It is recommended that an Extended Service and Maintenance plan be agreed to for years three (3) to five (5) to ensure that your investment is well looked after. Kindly refer the OptionalExtras section for an indicative cost structure.

Final Payment Claim
Payment Claim #5: 5% of overall Purchase Contract value less previously paid amounts.

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