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Modular Building Features

Modular Building Features
Modular Design Features

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Modular Building System - nuun modules - South Africa

Nuun Designs has developed a universal and versatile building system of standard interlinking frames in various sizes. These frames act as a canvas for creating unique buildings, while still benefiting from economies of scale, modularity, and standardization. Our Lego-like system allows for unlimited options in finishes, functions, sizes, and assembly configuration, making it fully adaptable and interchangeable as the owner’s needs change. Our goal is to bring back the joy and satisfaction of playing with building blocks from childhood, inspiring boundless imagination and creativity; Where clients can design, build and live in their creations.

Our building system is based on standard cargo container sizes, making the distribution by road, rail, and sea simple and efficient. The frames, which form the backbone of the building system, include micro pods (MIPs), which house completed components such as bathrooms and kitchens, and macro pods (MAPs), which form the larger central open spaces of a room. MAPs contain MIPs during transport, reducing logistical costs. Essentially, MAPs are the space, and MIPs are the walls.

Virtually Anywhere

Our units lightly touch the ground with piled foundations, making it is suitable for almost all topographies and types of soil.

Biophilic Designs

Nuun Designs strives to create sustainable and functional spaces that prioritise human health and wellness. We firmly believe in the importance of incorporating elements of nature into our design through exposure to natural light, greenery, and organic materials. Biophilic design can improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being which ultimately, creates healthier, more pleasant environments for people to live, work, and play in.

Indoor Comfort

Our designs guarantee thermal comfort throughout the year by surpassing the Rand values building code requirements of the most challenging climatic zones in South Africa. By strategically selecting and placing various insulation and isolation types, our designs effectively minimize both thermal and noise transmission, creating cozy living spaces all year round

Modular Building System - 63L i 2 - South Africa
Exterior Cladding
Windows & Doors
Modular Design Features

Peace Of Mind

Through the standardisation of finishes and module designs, we have been able to kerb costs typically associated with bespoke designs, thus bringing premium finishes to our building system. All our products have been designed and detailed by our architects and engineers to ensure that relevant Building Codes are complied with.

Nuun Design products come with a two (2) year factory warranty on the construction and pass-through warranties on all furniture, equipment and electrical appliances. The warranty covers a one (1) year service plan which includes for two maintenance sessions for the general servicing and cleaning of operable components such as windows, doors, ironmongery, etc. Kindly note that the service expressly excludes maintenance or replacement of components which were damaged due to improper use or undue exposure to elements.

Exterior Finish Standard
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Roof Cladding Standard

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